How to use LED grow lights

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

How to use LED grow lights

LED grow lights are widely used in the greenhouse planting, tissue culture, flowering induction, seedling growth prevention, etc. There are several aspects that should be paid attention to when using:

Control of light distance
It is generally recommended that the distance between the top of the plant and the LED grow lights be controlled between 6 inches-39 inches. This distance not only allows the plant to receive sufficient light but also the LED grow light can illuminate a wider area. At the same time, the height of the LED grow light should be adjusted appropriately according to the growth speed of the plant, and the height of the plant from the seedling to the flowering and fruiting of the plant should be controlled to control the LED plant growth light in the most reasonable light position.


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Control of the number of lamps
The degree of supplementary light required by plants in each growth stage is different. The light required during the germination and seedling period is not very strong. The distance between the plant lights can be increased, the number of LED grow lights can be reduced, and the waste of electricity can be avoided; when the plants are flowering and fruiting The required light will increase. At this time, use the LED plant grow lights to fill the plant with the best supplement light plan budgeted at the time of order.

Lighting time control
Plants are also alive and need to rest. It is also very important to reasonably control the time for LED plant lights to fill the plants with light, generally no more than 16 hours. If it exceeds too much, the plant cannot rest normally, which affects the synthesis of respiration organic matter. Needless to say, the time is too short. Since the LED plant light is purchased, the reasons are known.

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