Which LED grow light is suitable for growing medicinal plants?

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

The cultivation of medicinal plants is developing rapidly. Take the United States as an example.

In 2018, the CBD market for an industrial medicinal plant in the U.S. reached 591 million US dollars. 

It is estimated that the sales of CBD extracted from industrial medicines in 2022 will exceed 20 billion US dollars.

Technology – LED grow light technology has developed rapidly, especially in the past 2-3 years.

Although almost any LED grow light (even the worst) can grow good plants, some new models developed specifically for medicinal plants have better yields, density, and plant growth rates than older models and general models.

We are currently conducting extensive testing on different LED plant growth lights to determine which are the "best". 

Every growth lamp on this page has achieved great results (just look at the pictures to see what happens), but I want to point out that some of the latest LED models exceed expectations.

If you are not sure which LED company’s LED grow lights to use, I highly recommend...

CRETIVITY LED grow lights


Introduction: Is LED a good choice for growing medicinal plants?

LED grow lights are relatively new in the field of cannabis cultivation, but in the past few years, they have been popular for their ability to produce high yields while maintaining low temperature operation and using reasonable electricity.

Yield! Using high-quality LED grow lights and average to good growth, you can expect the yield to be about 0.5 to 1 g/W.


Today's LED models are more suitable for growing cannabis than models available a few years ago. Many modern lights are full spectrum or "broadband" spectrum (not just red and blue LEDs, which produce blue-violet light, sometimes referred to as "blur").

Full-spectrum light is easier for the eyes, and adding at least a certain amount of green light to the blur will generally lead to healthier growth. Other spectral colors such as red, far-red, and infrared are important for the budding/flowering stage.

Most of the current LED growth lights are full-spectrum, and with customized UV IR lights, which can greatly shorten the growth cycle of plants and increase the yield of plants.

Modern LED plant growth lights can produce impressive effects. These medicinal plants grow completely under LED grow lights from seed to harvest!


3 main types of LED grow lights

There are 3 main types of LEDs, most commonly used for growing medicinal plants. Each type of model has its advantages and disadvantages, so there is no "best" LED type yet. Some are better in some situations than others.


Quantum board LED growth light


Quantum Board LED plant growth light


"Quantum Board LED plant growth light", now the term is sometimes used for an LED of this style. They tend to have relatively low wattage diodes, which are distributed over a large area on the circuit board. These have become more and more popular recently and seem to provide particularly good results in terms of wattage used. At present, the new quantum board LED plant growth lamp can provide the best lighting effect, which depends on good LED lamp beads and aviation-grade aluminum backplane with a very good heat dissipation effect.


Spider light LED grow light


Spider light LED grow light


"Spider" LEDs are similar to quantum boards in that the individual diodes are spread out and are often located on the smaller side, but they are placed on a panel with "arms" instead of a solid board. A very popular example is the CT series of LED lights. These usually have extremely high prices, but growers who use them swear they get better results than any other type of LED to grow light. The position of the LED light bar can be adjusted freely, and different light bars can be replaced at will, simple installation method, with a dimming knob and a network port dimming controller. It is one of the most popular LED grow lights for commercial growers and tent growers.


Folding LED grow light


Folding LED grow light


The foldable LED grows light is also a very good light. The light bar has a reflective light barrier structure and a dimmable system. It is a full-spectrum LED plant growth light with different wavelengths. The entire system contains blue and red light, and UV and infrared spectra can also be customized. A very useful function in this system is that multiple panels can be daisy-chained together without using many power sockets, and 200 lights can be controlled. As a high-power LED plant growth lamp, the structure is made of aviation-grade aluminum, which has good heat dissipation and extremely low heat generation with Samsung lamp beads. LED lights customized for medicinal use and commercial planting.


I have also seen many new "hybrid" LED plant growth lights appearing, including a mix of large and small LEDs, and a unique shape that mixes and matches between all styles.


If... please choose LED plant growth light


You want to use the most advanced indoor medicinal plant LED grow light with a customized spectrum.

You are willing to do some research to determine the best-LED plant growth light for your space (this article will help guide you).

You have some extra money to spend on the initial setup (the initial cost of some of the best LED grow lights is high).

You don't want to deal with the exhaust system or pipes, but rather hang the grow lights on the cannabis plant and let the lights cool by themselves.

Quality (potency, smell, trichome development) and ease of use are important to you, and choosing the right LED light can save you a lot of money.


From seed to harvest, examples of medicine planting under LED grow lights-buds are dense, high quality and effective


I will soon add pictures of real medicinal plants growing under these lights to help you understand what will happen.


If the distance is too close, even if the nutritional level is good, the LED may cause the cannabis leaf to look discolored like a lack of nutrition.

This is especially common during the flowering/sprouting stage, especially at the end of flowering when the same leaves are placed directly under LED growth lights for several months. Discolored leaves do not necessarily mean you have done something wrong, especially if the LED plant growth light is far enough away, but if you notice that it is particularly close to the light, this is a good sign, it may be a mild burn. Most modern LED grow lights need to maintain a distance of at least 12-18 inches to prevent light burns.


These leaf symptoms are caused by mild burns (long light too close), not nutritional deficiencies


In addition to discolored leaves, too much light will also "bleach" the top of the bud


There is no "fixed" distance between the LED light and the top of the plant, but a good rule of thumb is 12-18+ inches.


At present, more and more LED grow lights on the market tend to be produced in the future planting mode. Energy-saving and environmental protection are one of the best performances of LED grow lights. Although the price is not cheap, it can definitely save more money on the whole. The lifespan of an LED grow light exceeds 50,000 hours, which is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary grow lights. Because of the low heat dissipation and low energy consumption, the LED plant growth light can work normally, the high heat of ordinary grow lights will affect the bulb The normal operation, shorten the service life, and a lot of heat will affect the growth of plants, but also require you to use heat dissipation equipment to further increase your cost.


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