The difference between led plant growth light and HPS

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

The difference between led plant growth light and HPS


The light-emitting principle is different, the spectrum curve is different (the LED can adjust the wavelength of the lamp bead, and the spectrum of different plant needs is reasonably matched), and the light utilization rate of the LED is higher than that of the HPS. LED grow lights can be configured with light angles at will, with high illumination intensity, but small illumination area. HPS has high power and a wide illumination area. LED is more energy-saving than HPS, and LED grow lights are more durable and have a long service life (more than 50,000 hours).


There are many different types of plant growth lights that can be used for indoor gardening. The LED grows light uses a combination of white, red, and blue LEDs. They are usually set on panels and placed near plants.


Led plant growth lights


1) Led plant growth lights make plants grow faster than HPS. Various studies have shown that LED plant growth lights are one that can make plants grow better and faster. For example, the Department of Horticultural Sciences at the University of Minnesota in the United States conducted a study comparing high-pressure sodium lamps with LED plant growth lamps. They tested plants grown under two lamps for 7 weeks. LED grow lights are better than HPS lights It makes plants grow better with obvious changes.


2) The price of LED grow lights are more expensive than HPS, but it is worth the money. The lifespan of LED grow lights is 3-4 times that of HPS, and the electricity consumed by LEDs is one-sixth of the wave of HPS, and HPS is operating When the heat is very high, you need to use a fan or adjustable cooling, otherwise it will ignite the plants, but LED does not need to worry about this problem.


3) The weight of plant growth is getting lighter and lighter than HID and high-pressure sodium lamps, and LED plant growth lamps are considerably lighter than other types of traditional grow lamps. This is because HID, MH, and HPS lamps all need to use ballasts so that they are normal. Reflective sheet, for plant flood light pool, can also be used for high-pressure sodium lamp bulbs and others, adding a lot of equipment. Since the lamp is usually suspended in the plant in some way, weight is an important consideration, especially when the lamp must be raised regularly and reduce plant maintenance work, such as watering, occurrence, and an appropriate distance from the plant to comply with. Some high-end LED plant growth lights have built-in fans, which negates the need for air-cooled reflectors and pipes. Due to the development of LED growth lamp technology, LED growth lamps are becoming more and more portable.



4) Plant growth requires a different spectrum of light radiation. Blue light and red light have different effects on plants. HPS can only emit one color of light. When you need to turn on multiple colors of light, you have to turn on multiple lights, which will waste a lot of resources. But the LED plant growth lamp avoids the occurrence of resources. The LED growth lamp can be customized with different colors of lamp beads on a lampstand. You only need to adjust the light controller to control different spectrums.



All of this is simple, when you use the LED plant growth light, it will produce a red and blue light spectrum. More high-quality LED plant growth lights use the knob, just turn it on to change the spectrum of the bulb. If you can afford LED grow lights, it is a better choice. Your plants will grow faster, taller, longer, and more efficiently than any high-pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp.

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