What is the difference between ordinary LED lights and LED plant growth lights?

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

LED plant growth light uses LED (light-emitting diode) as the light source.

According to the growth law of plants, it must require the characteristics of sunlight.

 It is a kind of lamp that replaces sunlight with light to provide the environment for plant growth and development. 

The use of LED plant growth lights can emit specific red and blue light and other specific light that plants need, so the efficiency is extremely high, the effect is very significant, and the growth rate is almost 3 times faster than that of ordinary plants that grow naturally.


The main difference between ordinary led lighting and led plant growth lights is that the spectrum is different.

Ordinary LED lighting emits white light that we can see with the naked eye.

It can only be used for lighting and does not help plant growth, but LED plants The difference between the growth lamp is that the LED plant growth light removes the green light that has no growth-promoting effect on the plant, and the emitted spectrum is more conducive to promoting the growth of the plant.

The wavelength of red light is mainly concentrated in 630~660nm. Its function is to help plants to bloom and bear fruit. 

The wavelength of blue light is mainly concentrated in 450~470nm. Its function is to help plants grow stems and leaves. Plant growth lights mainly use red and blue light.


LED grow lights for plants are mainly used to supplement light for plants, while LED lights for lighting are purely lighting.


The difference between the two is that the spectrum of the light is different. The spectrum of the LED fill light is designed according to the spectrum of the plant's absorption of sunlight, and the LED lighting lamp cannot fill the plant with light because there is nothing to the plant without its light radiation. effect.

The same effect of red or blue LED fill light and LED illuminator is also different, because the wavelength range of light is different, red light with a wavelength range of about 660nm and blue light with a wavelength range of about 460-480nm have the greatest effect on plants. The other wavelengths of red and blue have little effect.

In addition, the production technology of the wick of the LED plant growth ligth is different, and it is difficult to produce with a small quantity, and the price will be expensive. When choosing a fill light, it is necessary to consider the power of the light, the wavelength range of the light, and the ratio of red to blue. It is a matter of whether it is useful for your own plants.


CRETIVITY LED grow light provides the best LED grow light


CT Series LED Plant Growth Light



The CT series LED growth light is the latest growth light developed in 2021. It is suitable for commercial planting, vertical planting, tent planting, planting spaces (rooms, warehouses, basements). It is a wide range of LED grow lights, which can be used to grow vegetables, flowers, succulents, medicines, etc. Using the latest and most convenient structural design (foldable, spider) allows everyone to install it conveniently and quickly, customize the full spectrum, promote plant growth, and bring plant growth to a new stage.

Cretivity LED plant growth lights are designed to provide higher and better light output, help plants grow, and provide better light quality. CT series LED planting lights have now become a reliable choice and can provide growers with a considerable return on investment. These grow lights can provide the maximum amount of micromoles-which means your plants will get more light for photosynthesis and growth, which can further shorten the growth cycle time.


The sturdy aluminum radiator provides the best heat dissipation effect.
1~100% knob dimming control.
Provide customized spectrum solutions.
High-reliability constant current LED driver.
IP65 waterproof driver, IP54 waterproof LED lights, high reliability in humid environments.
ETL/cETL/FCC/CE/RoHS certification.
The service life is more than 50,000 hours, and a 5-year warranty is provided.
Foldable structure, simple and quick installation.


Q2 series quantum board LED plant growth light



CRETIVITY quantum board LED growth l, because of its reliable light output and stability, can promote plant growth very effectively. The lamp is very popular among people. The small size is very suitable for small tent planting of 4*4 and 5*5, but Q2 The quantum board LED growth light can provide enough light, and the high efficiency of 2.4μmol/J is the best combination for growing vegetables.

It can be used to cultivate and cultivate various plants such as medicinal plants, vegetables, and flowers. The full-spectrum LED plant growth light can provide the light needed for plant growth, and it can fully provide indoor planting. The full-spectrum quantum board LED plant growth light, developed with cutting-edge technology, is suitable for plant growth lights in any scene. Adjustable LED plant growth light, the brightness is controlled by you. Safe and stable power output, Best Meanwell/Inventronics/UL Power drive. Suspended LED plant lights are easier to install and have good heat dissipation and durability. Aluminum (best heat dissipation material). Good after-sales service, to provide you with future protection, 3 or 5 years extended warranty




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