The future trend of plant growth lamps

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

The future trend of plant growth lamps


With the continuous development of modern agriculture, from the traditional model to the new planting model, indoor planting is the most extensive planting method,

but the light has also become the biggest planting problem, so the demand for plant growth lamps is still expanding, but This is followed by a substantial increase in power consumption.


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As the concept of energy-saving continues to become a household name, the huge market opportunities and power consumption of plant lamps pose new challenges to traditional agricultural lighting technology and provide excellent opportunities for developing and applying new agricultural lighting lamps.


With the rapid development of modern society, everything is high-tech. It is impossible to judge the future development trend today.

Because today's high-tech plant growth lamps have also been reformed from tungsten filament lamps to incandescent lamps, what is lacking in modern society?

Energy-saving has become a universally recognized problem because of power. There are many more energy-saving styles of lamps.

The cost saving of LED plant lights is obvious to all. LED plant lights have also moved towards internationalization. Its cost-saving and high efficiency of operation have almost been recognized by people all over the world, so the market for LED plant lights will be global.


Regarding the growth of plants, the application of plant supplement light is essential. Therefore, the plant supplement light company should continue developing

and innovating and must keep up with the pace of social development from time to time. Shenzhen Rio Tinto can make the highest quality LED growth light lighting fixtures to provide the best lighting solutions for plant cultivation.


With the continuous development and breakthrough of LED lighting technology, the luminous efficiency of LED grow lights are gradually improved,

and the performance continues to expand. LED grow lights will replace traditional HID lights and other lighting fixtures in the future.


The LED plant growth light works stably to give plants the best light, which is also an important reason why they can be grown in space.

The spectrum wavelength can customize the best spectrum according to planting plants. What plants need most is to be able to obtain light suitable for their growth

and development. LED lighting technology can change the light radiation emitted by the lamp beads to provide different illumination, which is a condition of fluorescent lamps and other lighting fixtures.


The market for LED lights in the field of lighting has been opened, and the low-power lights currently produced have gradually begun to enter offices and homes.

In terms of product competitiveness, the product line layout of the LED lighting industry is relatively complete. In recent years,

CED breakthroughs have been made in key light efficiency indicators, phosphor patents, and upstream epitaxial wafers and sapphire wafers.

In addition, due to the strong support given to the LED lighting industry, China's LED lighting has developed rapidly in the field of general lighting.

In the context of the phasing out of incandescent lamps, my country has a huge domestic market, which has caused many traditional lighting companies to transform to LED lighting.


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In addition, because a large number of companies have joined the LED lighting industry, along with the development of research and development work,

the price of ED, which was monopolized by several major international companies, has been broken, and the cost of LED lighting has been declining year by year,

bringing development opportunities to the Chinese LED lighting market.


In this way, the price of LED lighting bulbs is only 20 to 30% different from that of fluorescent energy-saving lamps,

but the life span is more than ten times that of fluorescent energy-saving lamps. It should be very cost-effective and energy-saving.


LED plant growth lights will be the mainstream of plant lighting in the future, and they will replace all previous plant lighting fixtures.



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