What size LED growth light do I need?

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

What size LED grow lights do I need?


What LED grow lights to choose


If you are a novice in the wonderful world of LED plant growth lights,you may be confused and try to figure out how to choose the most practical light for your plants.The LED grow lights is very different from the high-pressure sodium lamp because the LED lamps vary greatly in shape,spectrum,heat load,and power.But don’t worry,this article will help you search for LED grow lights---save your time and money,and ensure you get the highest quality crops.

This 3-step guide will cover:

   What are you growing?

   How big is the planting space?

   Types of LED grow lights available.


led grow light for indoor plants


1.What are you growing?

Before you decide to use LED grow lights,you must consider your crops.All the full-cycle,high-quality LED lights on the market will make plants from seedling to flowering.But some lights are designed for specific types of plants.The LED grow lights used for growing indoor medicinal plants from seeds to flowers include CT640w,CT1000w,CTII 640W,CTII 720W,CTII 1000W(but not fully including these)
Hobbyists who want to get involved in LED lighting and have a limited budget can consider Q2 quantum board LED grow lights(QII 120W,QII 240W,QII 480W,QII 640W).

Commercial growers need LED grow lights with ETL or UL certification.Check out commercial planting lighting here.

Vertical growers who grow lettuce or vegetables can also choose the above models of LED grow lights.


2.How much space do you have for growth?

The size of your planting space will determine the size and number of LED units you buy.A good rule of thumb for LED grow lights is that the actual wattage per square foot of planting space is 40 watts,which are used for flowering medical or other large flowering plants.For example,if you measure your growth space to be 16 square meters,you will want to buy at least one 640 watt plant growth lamp(assuming that the plants gathered in an area and you bloom,need a lot of plant light.The vegetative growth of high-light plants requires approximately Half the wattage.).

Low-light plants,such as vanilla and lettuce,require approximately 20 watts per square foot of growing space.However,this will vary depending on the crop and preferred light level.Use this chart to determine the correct PPFD for leafy vegetables

Below is a quick reference chart to help you determine the required wattage based on your growth space. If you have more room for growth, you can expand from these numbers. Remember: 1 square foot of planting space requires approximately 40 watts of actual power.

growing space




2sq ft(2x1)


4sq ft(2x2)


6sq ft(2x3)


9sq ft(3x3)


12sq ft(3x4)


16sq ft(4x4)


20sq ft(4x5)


25sq ft(5x5)


30sq ft(5x6)


36sq ft(6x6)


40sq ft(6x7)


Below is a quick reference chart to help you determine the required wattage based on your growth space.If you have more room for growth,you can expand from these numbers.Remember:1 square foot of planting space requires approximately 40 watts of actual power.


3.Types of LED plant growth lights

By now,you may already know what brand of LED grow lights are best for your crops and how much watts your growing space needs.Now you will find the different LED unit options available.

If you are growing plants from seedlings to flowering,you will need to buy full-cycle LED lights.However,you may only need lamps for vegetables or flowers.
There are many different options for lights designed for high-light plants and vegetable growth/flowering,including single-channel lights(on or off);2 channel lights with vegetable and blooming modes;and programmable lights,such as QII 120W,QII 240W,QII 480W,QII 640W allow you to customize the spectrum and change the intensity.

The programmable light is currently the most advanced LED plant growth light,which will enable almost effortless growth.It can be said with certainty that the LED plant growth lamp industry is developing in the direction of fully automatic panels.

In addition,different shapes of LED grow lights are available,including panels and strips.The style of LED plant growth lights can be customized according to your needs.

Now that you know the brand,power requirements,and types of LED grow lights,you can start searching for LED grow lights.For questions about choosing lights,please feel free to contact LED Grow Lights suppliers.

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