What is hydroponics?

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

What is hydroponics?

What are we talking about when we talk about hydroponics?

Hydroponics means "hydroponics" (hydro means water, ponds means labor). Many different civilizations have used hydroponic cultivation techniques throughout history. As Howard M. Resh pointed out in Hydroponic Food Production: “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the floating gardens of the Aztecs in Mexico, and the Chinese are all examples of hydroponic culture. Egyptian pictograms dating back to hundreds of BC The written record describes the growth of plants in the water.” Although hydroponics is an ancient method of planting plants, tremendous progress has been made in this innovative agricultural field over the years.



In the last century, scientists and horticulturists have tried different hydroponic methods. One of the potential applications of hydroponics to promote research is the cultivation of fresh produce in non-arable land and areas with almost no soil in the world. During World War II, hydroponics technology was used to provide troops stationed on non-cultivated islands in the Pacific with fresh produce grown in a locally established hydroponic system.


Later in this century, hydroponics was included in the space program. Because NASA considered the practicality of positioning society on another planet or the Earth’s moon, hydroponics was easily integrated into their sustainable development plan. By the 1970s, it was not just scientists and analysts who were involved in hydroponics. Traditional farmers and enthusiastic enthusiasts began to be attracted by the advantages of hydroponic cultivation.

Some benefits of hydroponics

Can produce higher yields than traditional soil agriculture.
Allow the cultivation and consumption of food in areas of the world where it is impossible to grow crops in the soil.
There is no need to use a lot of pesticides (considering that most pests live in the soil), it effectively makes our air, water, soil, and food cleaner.

Business growth


Commercial growers are flocking to hydroponics in an unprecedented way. The ideals surrounding these evolving technologies involve topics that most people care about, such as helping to eradicate world hunger and make the world cleaner. People from all over the world have been building or buying their own systems to grow delicious fresh food for family and friends. Ambitious people are working hard to realize their dreams by selling their products to local markets and restaurants and living in their backyard greenhouses. In the classroom, educators are realizing that hydroponics can teach children amazing applications of science and gardening.

Hydroponic Research

With the realization of many benefits, the speed of hydroponic research has increased exponentially. Aeroponics and aquaponics and other related disciplines are in a leading position, and no one knows what the future of this exciting green technology will look like. Hydroponics will continue to promote innovation and provide cutting-edge technology and resources.

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