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Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

Plants cannot grow without light. In addition to the plants that grow outdoors under the sun, many people also grow their own plants indoors. Mainly you can have a window, but this is only for planting some potted plants and small plants. In winter, there is very little light, and the light needed by plants is much less. Nowadays, it is a very good way to let grow lights provide light for plants. This is also recognized by many growers.



Light is an indispensable substance for plant growth. Light is its material source during photosynthesis. At present, plant growth lamps can simulate sunlight to provide suitable light energy for plants. Although almost any light can stimulate the growth of plants, not all artificial light can provide the best conditions for growth. Some may run too hot, while others lack the spectrum required for optimal growth. Blue light can promote plant growth more, red light can promote flowering, and some even UV and IR light are also very helpful for plant growth. Choosing the right light can make every gardener get higher profits.


Types of plant lights


Incandescent bulb


The incandescent bulb is the earliest mature artificial electric light source, which uses the principle of energizing and heating the filament to emit light. Generally speaking, incandescent bulbs have lower luminous efficiency and shorter lifespan, but they are more convenient to use. You can buy this for a few dollars, and it is enough to grow plants indoors, but it consumes a little bit of electricity and emits a little higher heat, so it is recommended to place it two feet or more away from the plant.


Fluorescent lamp


Most fluorescent lamps use halogenated calcium phosphate, commonly known as halogen powder. The halogen powder is cheap, but the luminous efficiency is not high enough, the thermal stability is poor, the luminous decay is large, and the luminous flux maintenance rate is low. Therefore, it is not suitable for the small-diameter compact fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamps were also a popular lamp in the past. Some newer types of fluorescent lamps can provide a wider spectrum for use and are suitable for germination and vegetative growth. Because they generate less heat, fluorescent lamps are safer, more versatile, and more effective than incandescent bulbs, while remaining budget-friendly.




It is the abbreviation of a high-pressure gas discharge lamp, which is generally composed of a high-voltage package, ballast (ballast), and bulb. The wiring components that connect electrical equipment in the circuit are composed of insulating sheaths, wiring terminals, wires, and insulating wrapping materials. This kind of lamp is relatively expensive to purchase, has extremely high efficiency, and consumes a large amount of electric energy to produce high-intensity light. The blue light of the MH lamp will promote vegetative growth and flowering. The red to orange hue of the HPS lamp is the driving force for the production of buds and flowers, but the plant will not be that strong. When used in tandem, MH lamps are usually used to promote leafy growth before exchanging HPS lamps to encourage plants to bloom. This kind of lamp is also a very good choice for commercial planting, but it is becoming more and more expensive, not only in price but also in the later use.




Light-emitting diodes are simply referred to as LEDs. Made of compounds containing gallium (Ga), arsenic (As), phosphorus (P), nitrogen (N), etc. When electrons and holes recombine, it can radiate visible light, which can be used to make light-emitting diodes. With the development of technology, it is becoming more and more popular because of its advantages in various aspects. LED runs almost without heat, low power, but can produce high-intensity light, the full spectrum is suitable for any plant, and it can also be customized for blue, red, far-red, ultraviolet, etc., depending on the plant. The spectrum. Although LED grows lights are expensive, with the development of technology, the price may drop.


Plant growth lights are very popular in current indoor planting and are used in various scenes.


Enough to buy the right plant growth light


120w quantum led grow


Quantum Board Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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1000w spider led grow




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1000w foldable led grow lights


Folded Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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