Why we need LED grow light?

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

Why we need LED grow light?


The argument goes:“Plants have grown under sunlight for millions of years. Why would we want to change what mother nature knows is best?”

In the texts below you can read what LED grow light is, how the LED grow lights work and what advantages the LED lights in agriculture.


What is led grow light?

As suggested by their name, LED grow lights are luminaires utilizing LED chips in a modern and efficient way to produce light for growing plants. LED grow lights come in many shapes and sizes but as the most essential units of LED grow lights LED chips have most of the effect on the quality of the light, i.e. spectrum (colors) and photon flux (“brightness”) produced.


How led grow light work?

When voltage is properly applied over an LED, electric current starts to flow through it making electrons and holes start to collide releasing energy in the form of photons, light quanta, in a process called recombination. The first LEDs had relatively low light output and limited selections of colors while modern LEDs have high brightness and come in varieties of colors in visible, infrared and ultraviolet spectral ranges.


What is the advantage of led grow light?


Quicker Harvest Cycle

25% higher light absorption and 15% higher yield: our tests with LED indoor plants comparing to HID. The harvest cycle is accelerated by 15-20%, using LED Grow Lights.


Full Spectrum

The light spectrum is specifically tailored to flowering plants light and is suitable for all life stages. Use your excite Grow Light for vegetative, growth, flowering and cloning.


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Saving Energy Costs

LED Grow Lights produce higher intensity than HID lamps, while consuming half of the energy. The excite dimming and spectrum programming gives you additional potential for more power savings (and higher yields).


Long Lifespan

excite Grow Lights have a lifespan of 50,000h and are maintenance-free for a minimum of 3 years, when running on a daily 16h-schedule. No need to replace costly and ineffective bulbs anymore.


Guaranteed healthier plants

Photosynthetic processes are stimulated far more effective. Your plants are healthier and produce higher dry yield of better quality with LED Grow Lights.


Flexibility & Wireless Control

excite Grow Lights are flexible, so you can distribute the light source over you canopy much more effectively to illuminate all your plants. The innovative control allows to customize all modules with the touch of a button.


Cool Operating Temperature

Lower heat means less cooling, water and fertilizer. The result: No burnt plants while saving money and resources.


Environmental Sustainability

excite Grow Lights are 100% recyclable and do not contain toxic substances, such as mercury.


No Interference Frequency

LED Grow Lights do not need any heavy and unneccessary ballasts. Just plug in your Grow Light and start secure.



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