CTII 640W LED plant growth light, what is the best led grow light?

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

Features and advantages

Constitutive factors

CTII 640w LED is a solution suitable for indoor growth environments where ceiling height and distance from tree canopy are critical. CTII 640w has the same performance and 8 configurations as our best-selling CTI 640W LED, making it ideal for use in vertical racks, low rooms, benches, and even tents.

Output and efficiency

Use a fixture that suits your growth style to give full play to the plant's potential. This LED is produced by a leader in the field of horticultural lighting with a high molar value of 2.9 µmol/J to provide impressive light that crops love. And because it runs at 640 W and 2.9 µmol/j, you get less environmental heat, which may damage your crops nearby, and the energy efficiency is incredible. Very suitable for your plants.


640 watt Led grow lights

External control

With the dimming main controller, your LED plant growth light can create customized day, night, and season effects for any plant you are growing at each stage of growth. The dimming range of 10% to 100% allows you to reproduce sunrise, sunset, and changing day length without sacrificing energy efficiency.


The IP54 wet protection rating means that each fixture can be protected from dust, oil, and even water when it is cleaned. This allows the fixture to be installed almost anywhere, especially in a vertical rack setting. In addition, UL 8800 compliance gives you peace of mind, your fixture is designed for you and your plant to operate safely and reliably.

High-quality components

Performance is in the details. Every detail in CT 640 watt LED grow lights is designed to achieve the highest performance. Each unit is made of reliable purchased components from all over the world, including Mingwei power supply, Samsung white light LED, etc. CT LEDs gently drive these diodes to optimize lamp life and increase spectral output, so you can experience an incredible season of growth.



Uniformity and spectrum

CTII 640W provides the same standard set spectrum as CTI LED, and also has 8 passively cooled light bars, which can provide full-spectrum, wide-coverage light for long-term growth. The CTII 640W led grow lights is located 6-12 inches away from the canopy, providing amazing and uniform light for plants to promote vigorous growth of plants.

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