Application of LED plant growth light in greenhouse planting

Published by Cretivity 2022-05-16

Application of LED plant growth light in greenhouse planting



After receiving the latest CT series products ordered by himself for 2021, after a week, Joseph was very happy to call us and said that his greenhouse vegetables received the best light. I and the representative vegetables thank you for making me so good. Indoor fill light.


Greenhouse planting


Joseph ordered 100 LED lights to give his greenhouse vegetables enough light to grow normally. It took only two days from the seedling to grow to 4 feet. Within a week, I witnessed the healthy growth of my own vegetables. The LED plant growth light was a great help.


Growing vegetables in a greenhouse


Since greenhouse planting is planted in a completely enclosed room, the sunlight is much weaker than that of outdoors, but the light required for the growth of vegetables is definitely indispensable, and the light is also a very important factor in determining the yield of vegetables. And it happens that the indoor fill light can provide very good lighting conditions. The LED grow light is the best indoor fill light in terms of illumination, cost, convenience and adaptation to the environment. The CRETIVITY CT series of LED grow light is the latest indoor fill light, which is grown in a greenhouse. This aspect has a very good performance, Mr. Joseph also gave us a good description.

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