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Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

CRETIVITY CT 640W LED grow light


CT series CTI 640W LED growth light


Author: Cretivity | July 13, 2021 | Growth light comment


foldable LED grow light



Features and advantages
Constitutional factor
CRETIVITY becomes the world's leading horticultural lighting brand, and new LED lights are designed to provide more available energy for your plants while consuming less power. CTⅡ 640W Foldable LED is a full-weather light that provides consistent energy saving.



Output and efficiency
The light has a working power of 640 watts, PPF: 1856μmol / s, an impressive 2.9 μmol / j efficiency per tile. Eight passive cooling LED light bars provide strong light covering, no fan or moving components - significantly reduced the number of possible fault points compared to other lights, and saving a lot of costs.



External control
CTI 640W Foldable LEDs are dimmable, and can allocate 50% to 100% wide full spectral light at any part while maintaining efficiency. CRETIVITY an ideal lighting level with the CRETIVITY CT series LED adapter and the CRETIVITY CT series LED adapter and the CRETIVITY CT series LED adapter and the CRETIVITY CT series. With various crops from seedlings to flowering demand, it creates an ideal lighting level. When using the controller, each luminaire requires a CRETIVITY CT series LED adapter - 120-277 V (own). You can connect up to 200 LED luminaires, depending on the controller, use the set of chrysanthemum chain dispensers.



Wet grade

IP54 wet protection levels and UL8800 standards are suitable for humid, corrosive, dust-free environments, allowing for flexible placement in growth space. Its moisture grade provides comprehensive dust, oil and water protection, so that you can install the light source on a low room, on a vertical rack, rolling the bench onto tents.



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