CT2 series 720w UV IR LED grow light-SMD2835 lamp beads

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

CT2 series 720w UV IR LED grow light-SMD2835 lamp beads


Custom 720w UV IR LED grow lights, folding LED grow lights with white light, ultraviolet light and red light. Adding ultraviolet light and red light to the original white light can promote the growth of plants to a greater extent. The effect of light on plants is described in detail in the article.



720w UV IR LED plant light is the most unique product in the CT series folding models, but it also includes all the features of the CT series folding models. The unique red light and ultraviolet light are the most special of this product among the LED plant lights .


It can be applied to all current planting agriculture, such as greenhouse planting, vertical planting, hydroponic planting, small tent planting, etc. And it is suitable for all plants, after all, it is a full-spectrum plant lamp, the vegetables we most often grow, flowers and medicinal plants.


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