Indoor plants and artificial lighting

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Indoor plants and artificial lighting: how to choose plant growth lights


Choosing to grow indoor plants with artificial lighting grow lights is crucial for certain types of plants, necessary to achieve the ideal indoor gardening effect.




1.Grow lights





The role of plant growth lights


Artificial lighting is used in a limited room, such as a room without sunlight or even windows.



One of the main purposes of the growth light is to help seedlings grow normally. Many seedlings need long enough light and enough warm temperature, which is very difficult for many families. Close to a south-facing window sill may be good for light, but the lack of the correct temperature may cause problems or uneven growth.


Growing food:

I found that using grow lights is super beneficial for fresh vegetables and herbs. It is well known how vegetables and herbs use pesticides to protect vegetables from being completely eliminated. Even if they are washed now, good soil lacks nutrients. In addition to light, there are many factors in the room that affect the normal growth of plants, but this is an important part of the growth process.



Because seed sowing can quickly create a large number of plants, some growers have started their own small business, sowing from seeds, and then selling seedlings in small pots. Having room to grow, and of course, lighting makes it possible. Many indoor gardening enthusiasts also breed and give plants as gifts.


led grow light for indoor plant


Which indoor plants will use grow lights?


African Violets: African violets definitely benefit from auxiliary lighting and are the favorite of many professional growers. For most of the year, a variety of charming flowers can bloom under the right conditions, including daylight.


Orchid: Orchid has many colors, with different petals, different sizes, and different shapes. It is the most beautiful flower. However, it is not easy to nurture them well. Under the correct temperature and humidity conditions, at least 10 hours of good light is required.


Succulent plants: Most succulent plants need good light. Artificial lighting can really help succulents grow better during the day when there is not enough sunlight in the room or a lack of sunlight.


Indoor Flowering Plants




A simple way to visually consider the spectrum is how we see the colors of the rainbow. Different light colors have different effects on plant growth. This is not visible to the naked eye.

Full-spectrum means that all colors are produced by natural light, and the sunlight is the full spectrum.

As we know, every species needs a certain amount of light to thrive, and it is said that the full spectrum of sunlight is better than just imitating bright white light.

The full-spectrum grow lights on the market are suitable for aquatic plants, certain angiosperms, and growing plants that use artificial lighting as the main or only light source.


1000w led  grow light


Types of grow lights


1.Fluorescent lamp


In the winter, fluorescent lamps are still the most popular lighting device to promote flowering and seed germination. Most are more cost-effective than other high-intensity lighting or incandescent light bulbs, and many devices can use frames, fixtures, small lights, or just buy a light bulb. Compared with incandescent lamps and high-intensity discharge lamps (HID), fluorescent lamps generate less heat that is harmful to plants.


2.LED grow light


LED grow lights have become more and more popular in the past few years. Compared with fluorescent lamps and gas discharge lamps, the use of LEDs is claimed to be less expensive than other types of lamps because they consume less electricity. They also don't generate too much heat, so they won't damage the seedlings or affect the growth of plants.


From the perspective of using electrical energy, LED bulbs are cheaper and have a longer lifespan. Buying an LED grow lights may be more expensive, but most buyers claim the fact that they reduce costs in the long run. because LED grow light Low energy consumption, high efficiency.


3. High-intensity discharge (HID) growth lights


The two main types of HID are metal halides (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) for indoor gardening. Which type of crops growers choose depends on the crops they grow, the yield, and the color spectrum they need.


Hid lights provide the highest light intensity. For the average home grower, the cost of installing equipment, if you plan to install some seedlings, learn to plant and flower plants or supplement winter lighting, the electricity bill may be higher than what you are willing to spend.

Indoor Flowering Plants

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