Three kinds of LED's best LED plant grow lights

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

Shenzhen Rio Tinto Optoelectronics Technology is committed to making good LED plant growth lights to meet the needs of every customer. With the principle of customer first, we must not let each of our customers down. The production of the latest LED grow lights in 2021 will provide our customers with more choices.


CTI Series Spider LED Plant Growth Light


CTI Series Spider LED Plant Growth Light

CTII Series Folding LED Plant Growth Light


CTII Series Folding LED Plant Growth Light

Q2 series quantum board LED plant growth lamp


Q2 series quantum board LED plant growth lamp

CRETIVITY brand CT series and Q2 series LED plant growth lights can be used for commercial planting (horizontal and vertical), greenhouses, home planting (rooms and tents) or climate rooms, with a wide range of advantages;

it has the incredible industry's highest efficiency 2.9 umol/j, can provide high-intensity full-spectrum light across its entire flowering footprint from 4x4 feet to 5x5 feet;

wide 8bar and 12bar configurations help provide uniform coverage covering the entire canopy,

allowing your plants to enjoy more The structure adopts a new environmentally friendly design:

additional strip reflectors increase brightness by 5%;

weight is reduced by 20%, which greatly saves transportation costs;

exclusive design reduces installation time by 60%, locks a light bar in 2 seconds, within 2 minutes Set up a lamp;

100% brand new structure, stylish and elegant design;

the lamp has IP54 waterproof function;

IP67 controller waterproof rating;

adjustable intelligent technology chip, which can be controlled by knobs, dimmers, wireless dimmers, etc.;

The super fast installation method does not require any welding equipment, just take it out of the package and install it directly by snapping;

the full-spectrum plant lamp has a customizable spectrum, so that your light perfectly fits the growth and development of the plant, saving 40% of the plant Growth cycle and double the harvest.


To meet customer needs, order LED grow lights to get planting solutions.

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