The latest product of 2021 CT series LED plant growth light

Published by Cretivity 2021-08-02

U.S. customers order a large number of the latest CT series LED grow lights in 2021


On April 15th, commercial greenhouse growers from the United States ordered LED grow lights to provide light for their newly planted medicinal plants. Order 200 sets of the latest CRETIVITY brand CT series LED plant growth lights in 2021. The supplier is Shenzhen Rio Tinto Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. in China. The latest products are shipped from the factory to overseas warehouses (California) and then to New Mexico.


Customers are very satisfied with the CT series of plant growth lamps and our service to customers. The customer indicated that there is a direct need for a batch of LED plant growth lights. LED grow lights are a new type of lighting equipment at present. Compared with traditional HPS, LED lights have more advantages. LED lights have higher working efficiency than HPS, and can save a lot of costs in terms of resources. At present, the plants planted by the customer are still using the old old lamps, which have very little effect on the growth of the plants. They have searched in many places and have not found their satisfactory growth lamps, but the CT series LED plant lamps have completely changed his mind.


The CT series plant growth light is the latest product at present, which can be used in greenhouse planting, vertical planting, tent planting, and hydroponics. The lamp material is made of aluminum, which has the function of durability and high heat dissipation. The lamp beads are the latest type. Samsung lamp beads are customized according to customer needs, providing full-spectrum light, blue, red and ultraviolet light can be customized, which has a strong role in promoting growth of plants. The adjustable knob switch can directly control the light irradiance of the light, instead of frequently controlling the height of the light due to different plant growth cycles, you only need to control the size of the light.

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